26 Sep 2016 - TITAN Meeting, Edinburgh

This TITAN meeting in Edinburgh on 16 September 2016 reviews progress in the project and discusses the next steps.

Venue: Room 304, Crew Building, The University of Edinburgh

Date: 16 September 2016, 9:00-17:30


9:00-10:30 WP1 and WP2: Overview and circulation

9:00 Andrew Schurer: Detection and attribution - causes of temperature change
9:30 Carley Iles: Controibutions from the circulation
10:00 Debbie Polson: Wet/dry detection and islands
10:30 Coffee

10:50-12:45 WP3: modelling and analysis of heat waves

10:50 Tim Cowan: Heat waves in the great plains in models and data
11:20 Simon Tett: Modelling with HadGAM, including black carbon effect
11:45 Fredi Otto: modelling of 1930s and 1940s in Oxford; evaluation plan
12:15 Discussion: Modelling and heat waves

12:45 Lunch

13:30-14:20 WP4 and 5: Ice, rain and aerosols

13:30 Gabi Hegerl, Stefan Broennimann: Early 20th century review paper
13:50 Stefan Broennimann: Circulation change over the Anthropocene and modelling activities in Bern

14:20-17:00 WP4, 5 and 6: ice and rain and aerosols; data assimilation

14:20 Holly Titchner: The new sea ice data
14:50 Debbie Polson: First results from new ice data
15:10 Discussion on further ice data analysis
15:30 Practical discussion: next project meeting; dissemination; EGU; followup proposals ideas? Discussion of next steps, missed opportunties and collaborations;

16:00 Coffee

16:30 Andrew Schurer: Data assimilation runs

17:00-17:30 Topics across WPs

17:00 Andrew Schurer and Ed Hawkins: preindustrial paper
17:20 Sabine Undorf: Aerosol fingerprints

19:00 Group dinner